Sani Susanto

Sani is one of the Academic Advisory Board member in CRMS Indonesia. He is an academician and expert in industrial engineering and mathematics. He holds PhD in industrial engineering and engineering management from Monash University, Australia; MsC in industrial engineering and Bachelor of Mathematics from Institute of Technology Bandung – Indonesia; and Bachelor of Agricultural Economics from University Padjadjaran – Indonesia. He is now lecturing at many leading universities both at undergraduate and postgradute levels.

He has been active in researches, writing academic journals both at national and international level. He has written several books in industrial engineering, collaborated with several international writers in Asia and USA. He is now at finishing stage of his new upcoming book titled ‘Fuzzy Linear Programming, Probabilistic Models and Industrial Engineering Applications‘ which will be published by a leading publisher of Germany : Springer-Verlag. Recently, he has received Insinyur Profesional Madya certification from Persatuan Insinyur Indonesia, as well as ASEAN Engineer certification which was granted by AFEO Governing Board.

Currently, he has been involved in Centre for Risk Management Studies – CRMS indonesia as one of subject matter expert in quantitative risk management techniques. He leads some of Master Class program developed by CRMS Indonesia for the purpose of CPE (Continuous Professional Education) of LSPMR (Lembaga Sertifikasi Profesi Manajemen Risiko). In 2018, he’s officially granted the title of Professor and now inofficially sits as the professor of Industrial Engineering Faculty at Catholic University of Parahyangan, Indonesia.

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