Webinar: Value of ESG Implementation

Webinar: Value of ESG Implementation



Globally, there is an increase in organisations and investors using environmental social and governance (ESG) criteria to mitigate risk and create opportunities. Many stakeholders are calling for this change, and Indonesian businesses, both small and large, are well positioned to benefit from uptake of ESG methods.

CRMS and Cardno are running a two-hour webinar entitled ‘Value of ESG Implementation: Mitigating Risks & Creating Opportunities’ which will provide a high-level introduction to ESG, with a specific look at the Indonesian context. This session will explore the foundational components of ESG; delve into company case studies of ESG in practice, presented by leaders in this field; and provide a snapshot of relevant tools and approaches to advance ESG within participant’s organisational contexts.

Opening Remarks by: Dr. Antonius Alijoyo The principal/founder of Center for Risk Management and Sustainability (CRMS) who has more than 30 years of professional experiences in various industries focus on Governance, Risk Management, Compliance, and Sustainability (GRCS). He has been a practicing independent commissioner and board committee’s chair and/or members for the last 15 years whilst consistently teaching at undergraduate and postgraduate programs for the last 25 years.

Facilitator: Brian Kraft At Cardno since 2018, Brian is a business analyst and senior consultant with nearly a decade experience providing strategic advisory and risk mitigation strategy to businesses operating in Asia. As a consultant, he helped several of the world’s largest companies navigate the complexities of doing business in emerging markets across Southeast Asia.

Speakers: Dr. Maria Ratnaningsih Dr. Maria Ratnaningsih (Dr. Ratna) holds a Ph.D. in environmental sciences from the University of Indonesia and has 30 years of experience as an environmental economist with expertise in Urban and Rural Development Planning, Strategic Environmental Assessment, Sustainable Landscape Management, and Economic Valuation. Dr. Ratna assisted innovative programs including Strategic Environmental Assessment, Green Growth Development, and Payment for Environmental Services, especially on forest and water resources and loss of ecosystem functions. She acquired valuable experience while working with Central and Local Government on developing stakeholder outreach and green growth planning and monitoring tools. She has worked with various local Governments on mainstreaming environmental sustainability into spatial and development planning. For this webinar, Dr. Ratna will focus on the social components of ESG in Indonesia.

Heru P. Yuda Heru P. Yuda is the Founder of Kehulu Coffee, a not-for-profit specialty coffee producer with poverty reduction and environmental sustainability as its foundation. Kehulu Coffee believes that Indonesian coffee production can be both sustainable and valuable for farmers. Prior to this, Heru worked as Project Manager for Enveritas, a New York based assurance organisation that builds sustainability solutions for smallholder coffee farming communities that are currently beyond the reach of existing certification and verification approaches. For this webinar, Heru will be sharing his expertise about value creation through better environmental practices.

Bahtiar Manurung Bahtiar Manurung is a Certified Sustainability Reporting Specialist and Certified Sustainability Reporting Assurer. He helped Moores Rowland Indonesia (MRI) build its Sustainability Reporting and Business and Human Rights advisory business. He is currently leading a study on Sustainability reporting in all publicly listed companies in Indonesia to assess the Sustainability reports’ compliance with national and global standards. For this webinar, Bahtiar will present on the ESG (Sustainability Reporting) context in Indonesia.