MasterClass and Benchmarking in Europe 2017


Either risk professionals in specific or business practitioners in general also need to keep updating their risk management insight in order to increase their competitive advantage in the global business. Responding to this need, CRMS Indonesia with ERMA host regular International ERM Master Class & Benchmarking, which is designed specifically to help participants to gain deeper understanding of ERM knowledge as well as pragmatic insights of ERM implementation within global corporate environment.


This program will provide a unique variety of professional benefits to its participants:
  1. Broaden the participants’ perspective and sharpen their capabilities in risk management, from both operational and strategic points of view.
  2. Getting a unique chance to see how risk management is being implemented in European organizations, and conduct a benchmark on how well risk management is implemented in their own organizations against the visited organizations.
  3. Expanding the network of world class business professionals


Participants will have opportunity to do the benchmarking of risk management practice in their own organization compared to the visited global institutions which are considered to have higher risk maturity level. During visit sessions, participants will get risk management practice sharing from risk or business professionals in the institution and have direct discussion with them.

Some interesting topics to be discussed at the benchmarking visit:

  1. How to develop a healthy risk culture?
  2. How to create strong risk leadership in a organization’s senior management level?
  3. How to design an effective risk communication strategy for all stakeholders?
  4. How to integrate risk management with Corporate Social Responsibilities(CSR) initiatives?
  5. How to effectively govern the risk management process?
  6. How to create an integrated and enterprise-wide risk management process that combines various points of view: strategic, operational, and compliance?
  7. How to measure the effectivity of a risk management process in a company?


  1. Members of the Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners
  2. Vice President or Senior Management members in Risk Management
  3. Vice President or Senior Management members in Internal Control assigned to assess the internal Risk Management process
  4. Members of Risk Oversight committees
  5. Members of Audit committes
  6. Risk Management consultants
  7. Risk champions
  8. High level government officers
  9. Risk Management professionals with professional certifications

For program details including the information of investment, venue, and other details, please request to our CRMS Indonesia Secretariat.
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