Professor D. S. Priyarsono

Professor D. S. Priyarsono is the chairman of Academic Advisory Board in CRMS Indonesia. He is an academician and also independent professional expert in Internal Audit and Enterprise Risk Governance.

He currently sits as a Professor of Economy & Management Faculty as well as Member of Board of Academic Advisors in Center for Regional Development Planning Studies in Bogor Agricultural University, Vice President of Indonesian Regional Science Association (IRSA), Adjunct Professor of Faculty of Economics in Kasetsart University at Bangkok, Assessor of National Committee for Accreditation of Research and Development Institutions, and Agency for the Assessment and Application of Technology in Republic of Indonesia.

Previously, his past professional managerial experiences were as Commisioner and Chairman of Committee for Enterprise Risk Management and Audit Committee of PT Angkasa Pura I (Air Traffic Services and Airport Business), Head of Post Graduate Program in Economics at Bogor Agricultural University, President Director of Daily Newspaper (Jurnal Nasional) in Jakarta.

Priyarsono gained his PhD. from Graduate School of Socio-Economic Planning, The University of Tsukuba, Japan with his dissertation ‘Models of Spatial Oligopolistic Competition:  Location-Price Equilibria, Market Structures, and Welfare Effects’. He got his Master degree in Applied Statistics (Major) and Regional & Rural Development Planning (Minor), and also Bachelor degree in Statistics and Agricultural Economics from Bogor Agricultural University – Indonesia. Since 1992, he wrote more than 25 articles published in Scientific Journals and more than 8 books published by prominent national publishers.

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