Ratna Januarita

Graduated her Bachelor of Laws, second Master of Laws, and Doctor of Laws from Padjadjaran University, Bandung, Indonesia, while her first Master of Laws completed from Monash University, Melbourne, Australia. Through her completion in those academic, she continues her proficiency in corporate law, particularly in corporate governance subjects. She also maintains her competency in the area of economic law and investment law.

Since 1993, she works as a lecturer at Faculty of Law of Bandung Islamic University, in Bandung, her hometown. Year 1998 was a watershed of her journey in learning, joining, promoting and spreading the issue of corporate governance through her research and studies, writings, ¬†presentations and involvements. In 2004 to recent, together with other prominent peoples Dr. Ratna was being appointed by Ministry of Coordinator on Economy, Monetary, and Industry of Republik Indonesia to promote corporate governance implementation in both private and public sectors, through the National Committee on Governance of Indonesia (NCGI). In 2005 – 2008 she also being appointed by the Government to represent Government’s ownership in a leading private reinsurance company in Indonesia. Until to date, she maintains her expertise as an independent consultant on corporate governance by performing her consultancy in mostly state-owned enterprises. She also one of lecturer in Directorship Training at Lembaga Komisaris dan Direksi Indonesia (LKDI) and CRMS Indonesia as well.

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